Childcare First Aid

Childcare first aid is a program developed exclusively by the Red Cross. It is designed for people that want to or work in the childcare or daycare industry. It is also an ideal course for new parents and or teachers. The Red Cross has developed two different types of childcare first aid courses both mirroring the standard first aid and emergency first aid programs.

Standard childcare first aid is a 16 hour course that covers a wide range of first aid topics that are closely related to the standard first aid course. It covers topics such as shaking baby syndrome and sudden medical emergencies. Candidates will also focus on topics such as respiratory emergencies which are the most common causes of death for children and infants. This course includes training in CPR level “B” which covers rescues for adults and children. The course also includes training in the use of automated external defibrillators (AED). The combination of CPR and AED’s drastically increases the chances of survival for victims suffering from cardiac arrest. No re-certifications are available for this course. In order for a candidate to renew his or her certificate in standard childcare first aid he or she must re-take the course.

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Emergency childcare first aid is a 8 hour course that is similar to the emergency first aid and CPR level “A” program. This program takes all of the curriculum from the emergency first aid program and adds additional topics such as sudden medical emergencies such as seizures and diabetic emergencies. Candidates will receive training in CPR level “B” which involves rescues of adults and children using CPR. Included in the curriculum is AED training. Candidates can not opt for any other level of CPR training in this program. CPR level “B” is the mandatory partner to emergency and standard childcare first aid. No re-certifications are available for this course. Candidates must re-take the course to renew their certification in this program. Upon successful completion of the course participants will receive a Red Cross childcare and CPR level “B” certificate that is valid for 3 years. Candidates may be required to retake the course at a earlier date based on employer or policy guidelines.

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By taking a emergency or standard childcare first aid course you receive first aid and CPR training that is on the cutting edge. The Red Cross has the most advanced first aid and CPR programs available when compared to the other major providers. For more information on the Red Cross or other programs that they offer please visit the Red Cross website. To register for a emergency or standard childcare first aid course select the highlighted link of your choice.